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Top 5 Veggie Garden Articles

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5 Things You Should Be Doing in the Garden Now

what are some things I should be doing in my garden right now to get a good harvest, how do i start my garden, what are some things to do in the garden, how do you grow the best garden, to do list for garden, important things in the garden, What should you be doing in your garden right now? There are many things you could be doing in your garden right now and really it depends on what your particular garden needs but here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Adding organic matter. I add organic matter AT LEAST twice a year. One is in the fall we grind up our leaves with the lawn mower and spread them all around the grow boxes after they are all cleaned out for the winter. Then we also add a nice thick layer of mulch around

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Garden To-Do List

how to grow lettuce in a cold frame, to do list for garden, what should I be doing in my garden right now? when do I start seeds indoors, how often do I need to water my lettcueNow that gardening season is upon us here is what is on my to do list this week:

  1. Start seeds indoors. I am starting all of my plants that need 4-6 weeks of time to grow indoors before last frost this week. I have already started some of the plants for my garden, and just watching and watering those.
  2. Prepping raised beds. There are a few plants that need to be taken out of my raised beds. And they need to be raked out a little bit.
  3. Putting the row cover on my strawberry patch. Now that the snow is finally melted Continue reading