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What is Organic Gardening?

Pepper, how do you grow an organic garden, what is involved in an organic garden, do you use organic fertilizer, what kind of plants do you grow in an organic garden, what do you use for organic pest control, There has been allot of hype in recent years about things being grown organically. So what exactly dose that mean? How do you grow an organic garden? There are different lengths people go to to achieve an “organic” garden.

What growing organically means:

  • Fertilizer: There is specific fertilizer that is natural products that is deemed organic that you can use in the garden and still have it be an organic garden.
  • Mulch: Using organic mulch also counts in the organic garden. Some people go as far as what plants and seeds they choose.
  • Plants: Planting only heirloom Continue reading

How To Easily Rotate Your Crops

When do you harvest, what is the importance of crop rotation, how do you rotate? what is the easiest way to factor in crop rotationSo why is it necessary to rotate the crops in your garden? Simply, it will help slow down or stop the spread of diseases and pests in your garden, and improve the soil of your garden. Pests and diseases usually attack plants of the same family, and can linger in the soil to pop up again the next year or two. So by proper planning and rotation with plants of different families then  you can help prevent the survival of those pests and diseases from year to year. Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Aphids

how to get rid of aphids, what do aphids look like, what is an aphid, what do aphids do to plants, what is an organic way to get rid of aphidsAphids can be a very big problem for a garden. Luckily they can also be easy to get rid of. Here are 3 things that will help you prevent them from being a big problem in your garden.

  • Spray with water- aphids and their eggs live on the underside of the leaves and in the crevices  so if you have an infestation or just spotted a few of them, then take the hose and spray all the leaves with a strong water stream to knock them off. They are not good climbers and will Continue reading