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Some Fun Ideas For The Garden

Here are some fun ideas for the garden!

Great idea to attract butterflies, butterflies love oranges, what to feed butterflies,

Attract Butterflies

scarecrow, what to do with old black pots, how to make a scarecrow, how to make a scarecrow out of recycled materials,

Black Pot Scarecrow

using stones to make a path in your garden, making your garden more decorative, how to lay stone for a garden path, planting moss between stones for a garden path,

Garden Path with Stones

teapot nest, garden art, decorations for the garden, how to make a nest for birds, how to recycle an old teapot

Teapot Nest

milk jug watering can, kids helping in the garden, cheep watering can, reuse milk jugs,

Milk Jug Watering Can








Your garden can be allot of fun with a little creativity! It doesn’t just have to be for growing your fruits and vegetables, but it can be fun and have many decorations.

Happy Gardening!