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5 Spring Gardening Tips for Beginners

How to Care for SeedlingsWith spring just around the corner – well, it’s here in some states – I thought it would be a perfect time to share some simple tips for gardening, what to start with, how to manage it and what works best for beginners.

Courtesy of chef/gardener/instructor Dan Brophy of Oregon Culinary Institute – the only independent culinary school in Portland – here are five tips to help get your garden off the ground:

1.  Now is the time to start tomato, pepper, and eggplant from seed.  You’ll have more choice of plant varieties by choosing your own seed.  Some varieties will thrive better in your micro-climate.

2.  Check with local Master Gardeners or County Extension for specific suggestions.

3.  Tomato, Pepper, and eggplant respond best if gentle bottom heat is provided for the 1-2 week period necessary for germination.

4.   After the 1st set of true leaves appear, transfer plant into individual peat pots.

5.  Transfer plants only after “hardening off” (gradually exposing plants to sunlight, wind, etc).  I wait until soil temps are at least 50 degrees F. Remember, tomatoes respond best to full sun!

One extra tidbit from Brophy: “Best of luck!  Two things money can’t buy, true love and homegrown tomatoes.”

Thanks Dan!

Happy Gardening!

5 Easy Tips For Growing Better Tomatoes

The Tomato: A Vegetable or Fruit? tips for growing bigger better tomatoes, how to plant tomatoes to maximization the harvest, fertilize tomatoes, clipping leaves on tomatoes, choosing tomato plants, mulching tomato plants, trellising tomato plants, tomato cages Growing tomatoes can be so much fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to get more from fewer plants? Here are a few tips when planting and growing those tasty tomatoes.

  1. Chose small Tomato plants– If you are buying a tomato plant from a nursery or if you have grown your own, you might want to choose the smaller less established plants because they do better being transplanted, and will most likely produce better and get  bigger than those gallon sized tomato plants!
  2. Clip the lowest leaves off the tomato– When you are planting the plant, dig the hole extra deep and clip Continue reading

Why Tomato Plants Get Diseases

why all my tomatoes got a disease this year, how to avoid disease on my tomato plants, how do you grow tomatoes with out disease, what dose disease look like on a tomato, desease tomatoWe have always planted most of our tomato plants all together in the same grow box, or close together. Last year, after planting our tomatoes, they started going wonderfully like always, but then somehow one of them started looking dried out and soon died. So I pulled it out and threw it away quickly. However, it sadly and slowly it started to happen to the tomato plants closest to it. There were 3 left at the end of the season that were left untouched with disease. I had a tomato plant in the front yard, and it was very healthy all year. So as I analyzed what went wrong, I realized that if I had not planted them all together like that, they would not have spread the disease to each other as easily. So one of the lessons I learned this year: Continue reading