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5 Reasons to Grow a Vegetable Garden

5 ways to grow a vegeatble garden, why grow a garden, growing a vegetable garden, growing fruit in your gardenThere really is no possible way to put a number to the benefits of growing a vegetable garden, but if you are thinking of putting one in, here are 5 reasons that you absolutely have to.

  1. It gets you moving. You have to do some lifting, and moving around to put in and maintain a garden although it can be as much or as little work as you want, the work is great to keep your body moving.
  2. Relieves daily stress. Our modern world has countless benefits, however those pay it’s toll and we live in a very stressful world. Being part of a growing process brings you back a little bit and can help aliveiate that stress in your life.
  3. Produces yummy fruit and vegetables to eat. Tomatoes, peas and corn- oh my! Continue reading

What is Your Favorite Vegetable to Grow?

We all have our favorites in the garden.  Please take a second to let us know what your favorite vegetable to grow in the garden is.