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What are Goji Berries and Can I Grow Them In My Garden?

So you might have heard of Goji Berries before. They are one of those super foods that contain an enormous amount of nutrition and anti oxidants in a small portion. ¬†They are also quite expensive to buy because they are usually imported in from China! They are also sometimes called wolfberry. One of my goals is to become more self sufficient and grow all that I can on my own. This not only reduces costs of buying, especially those expensive super foods, but also reduces my carbon foot print, improves my health and emotional well being. And there is something satisfying about being able to walk out your back door, and harvest something for dinner. I don’t think I will ever get over that feeling.

I became interested to know if I could grow my own Goji Berries in my climate in the Salt Lake Valley. So I decided to share some of my research with you so that you too can reap the rewards of growing such an exotic sounding plant in your yard.

Happy Gardening!