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Garden Planner Giveaway!

Garden Planner Giveaway! enter to win a free subscription to the garden online plannerWe have officially launched our garden planner giveaway! We will give away 2 totally Free Garden Planner Subscriptions per week in January! We just might continue it into February if we get a lot of interest. So don’t delay and enter now! I personally think it is a great tool for your garden. A well planned garden is always going to produce better than one not planned and thought out. Another great feature about the garden planner, is it will automatically send out an email to remind you what needs to be planted at that time! The information is based on the area you live in, so it makes it really fool-proof!

Spread the word and help in the movement of people growing their own food. Let’s change the world by adding one garden at a time!

Happy Gardening!

What is Your Favorite Vegetable to Grow?

We all have our favorites in the garden.  Please take a second to let us know what your favorite vegetable to grow in the garden is.

We are moving!

We decided to integrate our website and blog to bring you better information in a more streamlined fashion. We are currently working on putting it together, and we are looking forward to sharing our new website with you! Happy Gardening!  Please visit our blog for more.

Our new Website with integrated Blog

Learn to grow strawberries

We have decided that instead of running a website and also running a blog we would like to simply run a Blogsite. Our new sight will integrate both the website and all of its content with the blog. This is of course an effort to drive more traffic to the website where most of the content and our products are housed. We would like to give our faithful readers and customers the best of both worlds in one spot.

Thank you so much for following The Gardener’s Spot. We truly appreciate you.

Happy Gardening!

Tomato Soup

What do you do with your tomatoes are producing more than you can eat fresh, but not enough to make salsa? I like to make tomato soup! Here is my recipe, but if you have any improvements to it, or just want to post your recipe, by all means do! I love to try new and interesting recipes!4 cups tomatoes chopped (you can peel them if you would like, but it tastes great with out too)
1/2 onion Continue reading