How to Plant a Garden with Kids

little kid with worm in his hand, kids love to garden, how to grow a kids garden, what vegetables and fruit do kids like to grow, Kids LOVE gardens. Every kid that has ever come over to my house, just loves to go out and explore the garden and snack on any ripe vegetables or fruit they find. It is such a great way to get them to eat fresh produce, and also to learn to enjoy vegetables more. It is a given that homegrown veggies and fruit taste so much better than that from the store. So why not have your kids grow some of their own fruit and veggies? It might even help you to get out and work in the garden more, save you  money, help you get some exercise and possibly loose a little weight. It will definitely be good for your health and the health of your kids!

    1. Give them a spot to plant what they want! Let them choose the veggies they want to grow, some easy ones that most kids love are peas, carrots, tomatoes and strawberries.  
    2. Let them to do it themselves. if you are planting from seeds, let them help get them planted by seeds and help them to remember to keep it watered. Then when it is time to plant it in the garden, let them plant it themselves. Even teenagers might find this a fun activity.
    3. It would be best to grow it organically as the kids see the ripe veggies or fruit, they will want to pick it and eat it straight out of the garden.
    4. Make sure you dress them to get dirty when they help with the garden, and expect them to make a mess. It is fun for kids to get dirty and so why not let them get dirty when they are doing something productive. Then just spray their hands off with the hose before you go inside.
    5. If you are new to gardening, why not learn how to grow a garden right along with your kids, and make it a great learning moment for everyone! Start small and you can work up to larger as you feel able to handle it. Even starting a few plants in some large pots can be a great start to your gardening experience.

Happy Gardening!

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