What is Organic Gardening?

Pepper, how do you grow an organic garden, what is involved in an organic garden, do you use organic fertilizer, what kind of plants do you grow in an organic garden, what do you use for organic pest control, There has been allot of hype in recent years about things being grown organically. So what exactly dose that mean? How do you grow an organic garden? There are different lengths people go to to achieve an “organic” garden.

What growing organically means:

  • Fertilizer: There is specific fertilizer that is natural products that is deemed organic that you can use in the garden and still have it be an organic garden.
  • Mulch: Using organic mulch also counts in the organic garden. Some people go as far as what plants and seeds they choose.
  • Plants: Planting only heirloom vegetable seeds and plants and staying away from hybrid plants and seeds. Some times this is an area where home gardeners will worry so much about. However, there are other good things about heirloom vegetables like being able to save the seeds for the next years garden.
  • Pest control: a big part of organic gardening means not using chemicals to kill the pests in your garden. There are many other ways to help control pests in the garden without using chemicals. Most the time it is to just deal with a few pests instead of trying to kill them all.

Basically using no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer to grow the vegetables is how you can grow an organic garden. There are some great products that are now readily available for the home gardener to make their garden an organic garden. There are many health benefits for organic gardening, and it is really mostly a mind set change and doesn’t add cost to your gardening experience.

Happy Gardening!

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