How to Grow Garlic

Garlic, when to plant garlic, where to plant garlic, when to harvest garlic, where to store garlic, how to store garlic, Garlic is such a great thing to add to your garden because it is so easy to grow, and you should never have to buy garlic again! The one thing you should realize is: Garlic should be planted in the fall. I have talked to many people who have made the mistake of planting garlic in the spring with the rest of their garden, and not getting a harvest of garlic. If you have made this mistake, just leave it in the ground until next year, or even the fall. the bulbs will be small, but you can harvest them and then pull the biggest cloves off and replant them in the fall for a good harvest next year. For those just starting out growing garlic, here are a few simple steps:

  1. Choose– chose what variety you like and want to grow in your garden. You can order them from companies that grow lots of garlic, or you can pick some up from a local gardening center. You would be amazed at the amount of varieties you have to choose from.
  2. Plant– pull of the separate sections of the bulb and plant the biggest ones. Remember not to over crowd them with other plants or each other  Garlic doesn’t compete well with other plants and you will end up with small cloves. Plant them a few inches down in the soil. And then unless you live in a very dry, warm area, they most likely wont need water until the next year when the temperatures warm up, and the soil drys out.
  3. Water– they really do not need a lot of water, but they will not do well if the soil drys out, so just maintain a moist soil for them and they will be happy.
  4. Harvest– when the outer leaves are dry, they are ready for harvest! In my area this is late June/July time frame. I like Growing Garlic, what garlic looks like when ready to harvest, what dose a garlic plant look like, the outer leaves dry and ready for harvestto stick a spade quite far below them to loosen up the roots so that you don’t damage the cloves. Then knock and brush the extra soil off. Then lay them or hang them to dry out in a dry area with good circulation for a few weeks. I do not ever cut off the stems until I am ready to use it. I bunch them together and hang them down in my fruit room until I am ready to use it, then I just break off the clove I want to use. Storing in a cooler area of the house will preserve them just fine all year until your garlic is ready to harvest. Just remember to save some for planting in the fall for next year. If you plant enough for the whole year, you should never have to buy garlic again!

Happy Gardening!

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