3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Aphids

how to get rid of aphids, what do aphids look like, what is an aphid, what do aphids do to plants, what is an organic way to get rid of aphidsAphids can be a very big problem for a garden. Luckily they can also be easy to get rid of. Here are 3 things that will help you prevent them from being a big problem in your garden.

  • Spray with water- aphids and their eggs live on the underside of the leaves and in the crevices  so if you have an infestation or just spotted a few of them, then take the hose and spray all the leaves with a strong water stream to knock them off. They are not good climbers and will have a hard time surviving when knocked off their home.
  • Ladybugs- The natural predator for aphids is the cute little lady bug. You can buy a bunch of them, but why not just plant things that will attract them, and let them come make your garden their home. Try planting some white cosmos, cilantro (letting it go to seed), dill or fennel in your garden and watch as ladybugs make your garden their home.
  • Keep Plant Healthy- If you keep your plant watered correctly and growing well than a few aphids will not make measurable damage to your plant.

Ant_cultivating_aphids, where to aphids grow, what do aphids look like, where on the plant will I find aphidsWhat is the best way you have used to get rid of aphids?

Happy Gardening!

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