Square Foot Gardening Answer Book

square foot gardening answer book, book review, how to square foot garden, answers to questions about square foot gardeningHave you tried square foot gardening, and ran into some problems that you did not know the answer to? Or are you interested in putting in a square foot garden? Although I don’t employ all of the parts of square foot gardening, I have known the basics of it. I have never actually put in a square foot garden. I received “Square Foot Gardening Answer Book” to review, and have actually learned a lot about how it is supposed to be done. There was a fun idea he mentioned in there about growing a square foot garden box with a bottom on it, then it is movable to where ever you want to bring it: such as to your grandmothers house as a gift or as a very unique wedding gift that keeps on giving. Both of those ideas stuck with me- what a great idea!

In this book he goes through and answers many commonly asked questions as well as questions not so frequently asked. There are questions he answers like: How much yield will I get from one box? and  I’m not very handy. What is the easiest way to build a basic 4 x 4 box? One of the ideas he really puts across is that it is essential to have a sturdy grid in your square foot garden. He covers how to grow tomatoes, zucchini and watermelon in your square foot garden. This is a great book for anyone growing or wanting to grow a square foot garden. I have even gotten many great ideas to try in my garden this year, and I might even build a few square foot gardens to try out!

Happy Gardening!

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