How to Grow POP Corn!

growing pop corn, guide to grow pop cornHave you ever wondered how pop corn is grown? Growing corn can end up taking a lot of space, especially if you want to grow enough for your family to really enjoy it. So we decided a few years ago that instead of growing regular corn that needs to be

  • harvested at the right time, and
  • takes up so much space in the garden for not much to show for it: we would grow pop corn.

The beautiful thing about pop corn is all you have to do is

  • plant it,
  • make sure it’s watered, and
  • leave it until it’s dry!

No guess work and you can grow enough pop corn for your family for the year in a pretty small space. Plus if you like to use dried corn stalks for decoration in the fall, you grew your own! After the corn stalks turn yellow, then you can harvest the corn cobs. Let them dry a week or two more, then take off the kernels and store them in an air tight container until you are ready to pop them. It makes a great treat for your family, and you could even make home-made/home-grown pop corn balls to give away for Christmas. When planting, just be sure to buy the variety that says “pop corn” on it, or else it may not work to your liking. If you want to get the moisture just right in the pop corn, you can pull off a few kernels once a week and pop them. If they make nice fluffy kernels then its ready!


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