Growing Mint In The Garden

Mint is a great herb to grow, and is a great companion plant for cabbage family plants as it disguises the smell of the cabbage and therefore throws the cabbage worm off. Mint likes to grow, and will take over a space if given the chance. Knowing this, I put it in a pot and placed it next to my cabbage plants right in the grow boxes this year. This served 2 purposes, first it would keep it from taking over that spot, and secondly we could move it around as we moved the cabbages from year to year. However, I made 2 mistakes.

The mint sent off shooters and took root.

I planted the small little mint transplant in a pot I thought would be large enough, that had a drain hole in the bottom. I was hoping the size of the pot would keep the mint plant from growing too large. Then I placed it next to the cabbage plant, and even put a dripper up to the pot so that I would not have to water it by hand. Then I let it grow.

This fall I decided to move it, and discovered that the plant had sent off shooters into the grow box and had taken root. So this ment that it was too close to the soil. So I pulled out the shooters and pulled on the pot. The pot was also stuck down as it had sent roots out of the drainage holes on the bottom and rooted itself down. As I pulled on the pot, the clay pot broke in half..

Look how many roots are wrapped around that little pot!

This lead me to discover that the mint plant was severely root bound. So my plan of keeping the plant small by using a smaller pot- was for not.

So this is my solution. I transplanted the plant into a bigger pot and we will see how it does. Being that root bound, it might not do well, but it does not hurt to try as we can always get a new start next spring if it dies. Then we also placed it in this very nice decorative plant stand. It holds it up above the ground more so that it will not be able to send out shooters and root itself again, and it can still be moved around to be next to the cabbage plants. It adds a nice element of decoration to your garden, which I love.

Mint on new decorative stand, doesn’t it look nice?

Lesson learned: use a large pot for the mint, and do not have it too close to the dirt as it will send off shooters and take root in your garden. I love mint, and it is fun to smell as you pass it in the garden, but do not make the same mistakes as I did and place it wisely in the garden or else you might be pulling it out before too long.

The plant stand if from Avant Garden Decor, and is very sturdy and decorative. It would be a great way to add dimension to your garden, patio, and even to bring some herbs or other plants into your living room. Then you can enjoy gardening during the dreary winter months. Happy Gardening!

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