Free Garden Planner Subscription!

Planning out your vegetable garden is an essential step in having a successful harvest. Mapping out a new garden, or just planning out what will be planted where should be part of the planning process. My husband and I used to get a pad of graff paper and draw out all the boxes to scale, then put in the plants that we wanted where by hand. This was hard because we had to draw it out every year, and also it is hard to know how much room certain plants will take up in the bed until you actually get out there to plant.

One of the reasons we wanted to make this productavailable for gardeners like ourselves was to save time and effort in the garden planning process. Some of the great features you will enjoy:

  • The planner has over 130 vegetables, herbs and fruits with detailed growing information.
  • As you place the plants in your plan, it automatically takes up the required space so that you don’t have to worry about spacing of the plants in the plan.
  • As you plan the next years plan, it helps you with crop rotation and warns you when placing plants in the same location.
  • The planner gives you personalized information on when to plant in your area based on over 5000 weather stations. You can even print your own personalized plan of when to plant each of your vegetables.
  • It has the option to succession plant, so if you want to plant peas in the spring, then some squash in the same spot later in the spring- it allows you to plan when each will be in the ground and see the succession from month to month.
  • It has a notes tool to add notes and specifics about your plants- like if they are heirloom varieties and that you need to save some seeds for the next years garden. Or if you liked that variety or not so that you don’t make the same mistakes year to year. Or so you don’t forget that variety that you really liked and want to grow again.
  • We send you 2 emails a month and give reminders of what is due to be planted when, and give other helpful reminders.
  • We have helpful videos to help you make the most of the garden planner- and it is all online based- so no downloads as most computers are already equipped with Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
  • You can try it for free for 30 days. We don’t require any personal information- so it is no obligation. Then when you decide it is the perfect tool for you, just buy a year subscription for only $25.  This is a very low cost for all that you get with this subscription and there are no papers to loose, and it is easy and fun to use.

It is the perfect time of year to start planning out your garden for next year- while things are still fresh in your mind.

We are so excited about this great tool, that we want to get the word out to people wanting to start gardens, or those who have been gardening for years alike. So we are running a promotion to give out free annual subscriptions to those who have already signed up for our free trial. If you want to be entered, just go sign up for your free trial by November 30th, 2012 and then go like our Facebook page. Don’t forget to opt-in to the emails so that we can send you your free subscription!

Special hint: This would make a great gift for that gardener in your life!

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