Backyard Fire Pit

One of the things I love most about fall is cooking dinner. It is a great time to use up your harvest from the garden in a very satisfying way. It is also fun to cook outdoors in the fall when the weather is cooler and you can sit back and enjoy life. We received an outdoor fire pit from Avant Garden Decor to review, and one of the things I was excited about was using it for outdoor cooking. We decided to use up some of the vegetables from the garden and made tin foil dinners in the fire.  Then we had some melon from the garden as a side dish. Very satisfying and rewarding to eat meals prepared mostly from your own garden!The fire pit is very nice and heavy duty! It comes with a mesh cover that keeps most of the ashes from flying out of the fire pit, and also a nice vinyl cover to cover when not in use. One thing to note about the fire pit is to be sure to use the vinyl cover or move the pit into a covered location as water could gather in the bowl from rain and cause it to rust. It is a perfect addition to outdoor funiture, and the pit is very stylish as well as high quality.

Cooking Tin Foil Dinners in Fire Pit

Here are a few ideas on how to use the fire pit for cooking your meals:

  • Hot dogs, marshmallows, and kabobs on a stick held over the fire to cook
  • Use the fire pit to start charcoal and the place dutch oven in the fire pit with the charcoal to cook a dutch oven meal
  • Cook meals in tin foil right in the fire like the traditional tin foil dinners with potatoes, meat, carrots, onion and some mushroom soup (to add moisture)
  • A grid could even be placed over the top of the fire pit to grill meat, fish, pineapple and other barbecue items over fire or charcoal

To me out of all of the fire pit options this model seems like the most versatile if you plan on using it for outdoor cooking or just relaxing and entertaining friends. Another great way to enjoy the harvest!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. You can also cook a steak right on the coals. Yummm! Paul and his friend like to do this every time we go camping. It's a fun "Man night" tradition. Love your fire pit! Can't wait to get one in our backyard…after we get the backyard done!!!


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