Growing Garlic

Garlic is such a fun vegetable to plant. Basically if you plant your own garlic, you will never have to buy garlic again. Just save a few bulbs for planting in the fall, and save the rest to use the rest of the year. It perpetuates itself. So easy and fun! The garlic will also adapt to the conditions in your garden year after year and the flavor will deepen and become richer.Start by buying some cloves of garlic from a seed or plant store, but I would recommend doing some research on varieties because there is lots of different varieties and flavors out there.  Plant the garlic in the fall before the solid frost hits- around the time you plant tulips. There is not really any need to water the garlic over winter if you receive some moisture during the winter months and you live in an area that bulbs do well.I have found that they do not compete well with other plants and weeds, so give them enough space to grow, and you will be rewarded with large healthy bulbs.  Adding a nice layer of mulch will also give it a great blanket for the winter.

Harvest the next summer when the lower leaves have died off. Then dry in the sun for a few days, and then put in a root cellar or other cool room with low humidity. They should stay good all year until you are ready to harvest your next batch.

Then enjoy your home grown garlic!

Happy Gardening!

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