Making Walking Paths in the Garden

A nice looking garden is not a necessity, but will make your garden really stand out and make it fun to work in. There are many different options and ways to make your garden beautiful, but I will just share with you a few things that we have done in our garden.

These ideas are for raised beds, or grow box gardens, otherwise you might just want stepping stones to walk through your garden.
The first thing we did in our garden was put a stone path to our shed. We then filled in the cracks with nice dirt and planted moss to fill the cracks. Eventually it will fill in all the spaces and look very nice. It took a little bit of work to put in, and cost enough that we did not want to do it for our whole garden.

The other walking paths we put down  this thick plastic that is used in roofing. We bought a big roll from a local dump. We wanted something that was very thick and would last a long time to create a Strong weed barrier. We cut the pieces so that they could tuck up under neath the edge of the grow box, and overlapped them on the ends of the rows. Then nail down the corners to prevent curling. Spread bark chips around on top of the plastic. It is very easy and fairly inexpensive to install.

Good luck and please send in ideas and pictures of what you have done in your garden. Your idea might help someone with their garden.

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Happy Gardening!


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