Garden Chore list

What is on your list of chores for the garden for the next few weeks? Here are a few ideas for you.

  • Keep sowing carrots, beets, salad greens, kale, bok choy, spinach and other plants that can be sown outdoors in the cold. When choosing salad greens to sow this time of year, choose varieties that can tolerate heat as we are approaching summer.
  • Sow your pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, and squash and other heat loving plants indoors in the next few weeks, and plant outdoors in 3-4 weeks before they get very big, since they do not like being transplanted. After the weather warms up make sure you harden them off before transplanting.  Plant squash and melons when average lows reach 50°F. 
  • When it begins to warm up outside and the danger of frost in your area has past, you can begin sowing beans and corn directly outside.  It is a good idea to sow every few weeks for a continuous supply through late fall. If the weather is colder than average give your heat loving plans a slightly later start than normal.
  • If you decided to purchase seedlings look for plants that are smaller and healthier.  Large, root-bound plants don’t transplant well and will produce poorly.
Visit the vegetable guides for help on specific fruits and vegetables.

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