Organic Food?

So what is all this hype about Organic Food? What is the difference, and is it important to only use organically grown food?
Well, first of all Organically grown food is grown without using synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. It also means the plant hasn’t been genetically modified. Organically grown food is grown using sustainable and renewable methods, and is therefore better on the environment. The organic garden soil will continually be added to and helped to improve, where as the traditional methods, the soil becomes depleted and leaches out all the micro nutrients.

An organically grown Watermelon grown in my garden. It was yummy.

Although the few studies there have been are inconclusive as to whether the organic grown food is safer to eat or not, there has been found lower pesticide levels on the organic food. So just general logic would tell you that it would be better to eat an apple with less pesticide residue than an apple with more right?
So why do the organically grown produce cost more? Well, the methods to grow the food, cost more, and that translates to higher costs. According to Wikipedia, “Organic products typically cost 10 to 40% more than similar conventionally produced products.[41] According to the USDA, Americans, on average, spent $1,347 on groceries in 2004;[42] thus switching entirely to organics would raise their cost of groceries by about $135 to $539 per year ($11 to $45 per month) assuming that prices remained stable with increased demand. Processed organic foods vary in price when compared to their conventional counterparts.”
To me, $11 to $45 a month more for food that is a little better to eat is worth it. But I also think the environmental impact on organic methods tips the boat for me. I want to make my difference on keeping this world in a healthy state for future generations. So in my household, we choose organic. Organic vegetable gardening, that is, because homegrown food is WAY better tasting and you know exactly what was used to grow it. You also have the satisfaction of knowing you grew the food for your family. As for the question if it is important to ONLY use organic food? Well, I will leave that open for discussion, somethings you have to decide for yourself.
Happy Gardening!

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