Avant Garden Decor Fire Pit

We received an outdoor fire pit to try out and review from Avant Garden Decor last weekend, and we are so excited to use it! It is beautiful and so easy to put together. The model me received to try was CobraCo(r) Steel Fireplace with Black Powdered Finish and it is very beautiful.

We are excited to use it for the first time, but it has been a rainy week and haven’t had the opportunity. But I would like to share some pictures with you of how simple it is to assemble and how beautiful it is.

It just took a few screws and bolt to put it together, and all you need is a screw driver, and an adjustable wrench. One person could assemble easily enough, but my husband and I worked together, partly to take pictures. It makes a perfect addition to our outdoor decor. It even comes with a nice black cover to keep it clean and dry. It is also light enough to move into the shed when we are not using it.
So far we have been impressed with the fire pit, and plan to try it out this week. Watch for my review of the fire pit in action later this week. In the mean time, Happy Gardening!


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  1. Posted by Jordan on February 4, 2013 at 08:55

    Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for some cheap garden decor for the spring. How much would a fireplace like this cost?


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