Growing Onions From Seed

Growing onions from seed is easy, and very rewarding. Onions are a biennial plant. The first year it produces a nice big root, then if let grow the second year, it will focus it’s energy on producing seeds. If you buy bags of onion sets, they are actually small onions that were grown really close to one another the first year to limit their size. Then you plant them in their second year, so they are much more likely to go to seed, called bolting, then if you grow them from seed. If you build a light garden, then you can place them under the lights and grow wonderfully there until it is time to plant outside.
One unseen benefit that I found from growing onions in my garden, is when using the onions out of the garden, they did not make me tear up when cutting them. The older the onion, the worse they get with causing your eyes problems. The only thing is, I did not grow enough onions. They store so nicely if braided together and hung, that if you grow enough, they can last you until your next harvest.
So to plant them, get fairly small pots in a flat and fill with dirt lightly patted down. Then I make small holes with an old pencil and drop in the onion seeds. Cover lightly with dirt and keep moist until germination. After they start to grow, you can trim them just like grass. I get my scissors out and trim it, leaving about 3 inches or so. This will help so that the small onions do not fall over, and also make it so they have stronger stems.

For more complete information on growing onions, please visit The Gardener’s Spot website.
Happy Gardening!


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