Tools for gardening

As it is nearing the gift giving season, I thought we might introduce you to what tools you can purchase so that you will be ready come spring. For a small garden, or any garden you will want to start out with a shovel.

You will need a shovel when you are building your grow beds and possibly for planting in the spring. You also will want some smaller hand shovels or trowel. Purchase one that has a nice handle and a stainless steel blade so that you will not have problems with rust. Wooden handles are nice because they don’t get as hot as a metal handle.

The second tool that is a must is a garden fork. We like to use this for tilling the soil and tilling in the organic matter in the fall and spring. You will want one that has sturdy thick tines so that they do not bend and break while in use.

It is also a good idea to have a steel rake. It is really useful for smoothing out the soil and moving small amounts of soil in the bed. We use it to even out the soil in the beds and when we apply mulch to the beds. A nice smooth bed is much better for watering purposes and looks neat too.

We have a spade which has a flat sharp blade and helps you to cut nice straight pieces of sod when you are installing your garden.

Some more ideas is a nice garden watering wand that extends out so that you do not have to bend over.

A good gift idea for an avid gardener is gift certificates to seed catalogs, garden scissors to trim and harvest herbs and vegetables out of your garden, and don’t forget some new gardening gloves!
Remember with most things, quality counts if you do not want to have broken tools after only a couple of years. I also do my best to clean them up after using them so that they don’t encounter constant water and sun. But they are occasionally left out, and so having one that is better quality is a good choice.

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