About Us

DSC_0001Welcome and thank you for visiting The Gardener’s Spot today. I am Julie and this is my husband Nick.  We are vegetable gardening enthusiasts. We love the trill and excitement of growing our own food and literally reaping what we’ve sown.  We are excited to share the vegetable gardening knowledge we have gained over the years with you.

Nick and I have been gardening for most of our lives.  We were both raised by parents who knew the value of growing their own food, and were addicted to the taste of a vine ripened tomato.  While we can’t say we were always eager to help in the garden as children gardening stuck with us and as adults it was in our blood.

For the first few years of our marriage we were blessed to live on a small hobby farm of 8.5 acres, complete with horses, cows, sheep, turkeys, and two dogs.  We both loved gardening so naturally our first year together we planted a 3,600 square foot garden.  You may be thinking that’s big, and you would be right.  Nick lovingly named it “The Farm”.  It was a huge undertaking but we were able to manage a respectable harvest.

Like most gardening enthusiasts, it has really become a part of our lives.  Because of the success of our gardens we get a lot of questions from and requests for help from our family, neighbors and friends.  We have loved the opportunity to help others with their gardens and this is the underlying reason for the creation of The Gardener’s Spot.  Here we have and continue to answer all of the questions we get about how we have been so successful in our garden. Our goal now is to help in the movement of people growing their own food. We love to see how it improves the lives of those who start their own garden for the first time ever, and how it is a natural thing for us as humans to love to grow our own food.

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